Website Design

Hello, and welcome to Greater than Consulting’s web design page. You’re probably asking yourself why you need a website. The simple answer is, why not? Having your own website is the fastest way to establish a presence or a foothold in the information superhighway.

Whether you are marketing yourself or your business, having a unique web design curated for you makes for an excellent marketing tool. Remember the four P’s of marketing: Product, place, promotion, and price.

Your own website is the place in the marketing scheme of things. You may have your own place already in the real world. This can be your home or your building. However, without a similar presence in the virtual word, people are highly likely not to take you seriously.

And this is where having your own domain name counts for a lot. It’s rather like declaring your name as Neil Armstrong, and being the first human to set foot on the moon. You’re staking a claim to a distinct space in the worldwide Web that belongs to you or your business alone.

That’s what makes exclusivity and uniqueness such powerful concepts in the wonderful world of marketing. Accordingly, our mission at Greater than Consulting if you choose to accept it, is to help you find a great horse to ride. This horse will help you win the race for web traffic, which is the holy grail of Internet commerce.

With a virtual space and a domain name of your own, you stand a greater than normal chance of being indexed by Internet search engines. By all means, you can make a DIY project out of web design or hitch a ride with a domain that doesn’t belong to you or your business. However, the results will never be the same.

We’re talking about a force at work here that is greater than the physical property that you own. After all, search bots tend to go into a rather piranha-like feeding frenzy when faced with a spanking new, fresh looking, and content-rich Internet address. Remember, the bots are responsible for getting your site indexed in the top ranks.

Let Greater Than Consulting show you the way. Consider us your personal bot whisperer. We can develop the precise combination of bells and whistles to keep those search engine spiders coming for more. It won’t be long before Netizens follow the lead.

After all, we’re in the business to drive both human and non-human traffic to every web design that we develop. It’s more than creating a better mousetrap, an old idiom that connotes inventing the next best thing or better idea. Remember, this is the 21st century and more specifically the 2020s.

We are faced with the greatest of all challenges, but we’re all in this together. The pandemic is staring us in the face, but NASA and many other visionary organizations in our times are looking to the stars. Space travel is inevitable. We may not have a time machine at Greater than Consulting, but we certainly can help find a way to hitch your wagon to a star.